Histamine-Free Wine & Raw Chocolate


I mentioned my histamine journey began with wine. Well, what I discovered is that white wines, sweet wines, and cheap wines are all high in sulfite, which is added to stop it from spoiling; organic wines contain on average 25% less and some are even made free from added sulfite (not sulfite-free, because some of it is naturally-occuring). Histamine, on the other hand, is higher in red wines.

The good news is, in the German-speaking world, histamine-free wine, although rare, does exist. It doesn’t give you that nice warmth in your cheeks, but I also haven’t ever had any issues with it either. If you put it beside a standard wine you’ll even notice how much clearer the color is.

Cacao, like chia seeds, is packed full of goodness. Some things, like cannabis, need to be heated to release all that goodness, but cacao is one of many things best eaten raw, since heat will destroy many of it’s natural nutrients. If you’re as sensitive as I am, you may even feel that extra boost of energy that you just don’t get from the standard store-bought variety.

I did find a couple brands of raw chocolate at my local health food store, but once I discovered how easy making apple sauce is (literally just slice and steam), I decided chocolate might also be fun and cost-efficient. So I ordered 3 KGs worth of ingredients – cacao butter, raw cacao power, and raw cacao nibs.

Since the butter wasn’t raw anyway, I heated that directly until it had melted, then added the powder, nibs, some sea salt, and some raw, local honey – another something much more beneficial when consumed unheated – and stuck it in the freezer until it had hardened. Et voila!


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